About Us

Afis Fund.

Afis Fund has always focused on assuming fiduciary duty toward our customers and stakeholders, contribute to their welfare using our services, acting in good faith, with proper care, intelligence, impartiality, devoted and unselfish dedication. At Afis Fund we offer a results-orientated, dynamic working environment for professionals with strong motivation and a sound work ethic – and who have a genuine interest in our four asset classes: real estate, Cryptocurrency, and forex trading, private equity and infrastructure.

The Company will provide individualized investment solutions to financial and physical persons and legal entities, particularly those engaged in or carrying out investment transactions. We build our customers' well-being through the allocation and acquisition of finance, both through traditional and innovative technologies. The company builds relations with its employees on the basis of long-term cooperation and mutual respect, as well as on the principles of the proper performance of mutual obligations.

Our services include investment services (real estate, Cryptocurrency and forex trading, private equity and infrastructure, fundraising, IPO, private placements, assets management), capital market advisory, brokerage, corporate governance advisory, financial and business consulting, international trading, corporate restructuring, M&A, and other investment-related advisory functions.

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Rich Experience

Our team has rich experience in executing large and complex corporate securities transactions in the investment world. By upholding our fiduciary duty towards the client and our partners.

Investor Focus

The highly qualified and foremost specialists of the company raise their professional qualification and exchange with knowledge and experience aiming at reaching the best possible results.

Passionate Service

We are passionate about generating new investment ideas for our clients and making them come true. We look forward to having the pleasure of cooperating with all our investors and partners!.