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Afis Fund.

We are a global investment company with offline and online offices, We build and support sustainable, large-scale businesses in the financial services sector. We set out to provide the world with a reliable, transparent, and most importantly, accessible investment product. Our portfolios have been designed to help you get started regardless of your account size. We are a team of experienced and highly passionate entrepreneurs that have founded and operated over 30 market-leading internet companies globally.

Afis Fund is dedicated to helping investors around the world reach their desired investment goals and broaden their financial horizons. We provide investment products and solutions to our clients across the world. Our breadth of investment capabilities is extensive and among the most innovative within the market.

Afis Fund is designed to produce highly diverse portfolios that deliver consistent long-term results, a smoother ride, and management continuity over a range of market conditions. While our managers collaborate and share insights, each invests independently according to their strongest convictions.

We strongly believe long-term investing aligns with client goals, and our culture and compensation structure reinforce that focus. We typically hold investments significantly longer than our industry peers.

Afis Fund

Our Investment Plans

120% After 1 day

  • Minimum Deposit : $10
  • Maximum Deposit : $50000
  • Investment Returns : 120%
  • Principal : Included In Profit
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190% After 3 Days

  • Minimum Deposit : $300
  • Maximum Deposit : $80000
  • Investment Returns : 190%
  • Principal : Included In Profit
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340% After 5 Days

  • Minimum Deposit : $1000
  • Maximum Deposit : $120000
  • Investment Returns : 340%
  • Principal : Included In Profit
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Why invest with us

Strong Partnership

We believe in the power of partnership to make good companies great. We increase the value of our portfolio companies with ambition, years of business expertise, and working partnerships based on trust.

We set strong values

At Afis Fund, we aspire to a set of values that define the way we work. Our values underpin the Afis Fund culture of high performance with high responsibility and long-term thinking.

Innovative Finance

We use innovative finance, fund management and impact investing to scale projects with high societal and environmental impact, while offering attractive returns to our investors.

Building company with great potential

Our objective is to invest in good companies with great potential and make them bigger and better in partnership with the Management and the Board. Our ambition is to double the size of our businesses by making operational, strategic, and financial step-changes together with our investors.

long term holistic approach

We combine a long term holistic approach with customer focus and our multidisciplinary expertise both to provide better investment service to people of all ages and to create healthy/wealthy sustainable communities

A dream team. Just for you

When you invest we welcome you to our family – the Afis Fund – a handpicked collective of 50+ of the most successful entrepreneurs around the world. The team of Afis Fund and several companies around the world will help you achieve your financial goal.

Risk-Mitigation Approach

We cannot control market conditions, what we can do is mitigate risk over the full terms of the investment trust by the conservative assumptions in our financial projections.

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